Deviled Eggs

Daily deviled eggs;
A flavorful surprise.


Small Plates – limited to what is on hand.

Daily deviled eggs – a flavorful surprise.



Black Truffle Popcorn – large bowl

Burrata Tuscano – Burrata with oil, herbs, and sea

salt served with rustic crostini

Goat cheese with fig butter, cured meats,

Moroccan olives and rustic crostini

Small brie with preserves, dried figs,

prosciutto with rustic crostini

Antipasti plate– cured meats, marinated mozzarella,

marinated artichoke hearts,pepperoncini, olives, beets,

roasted peppers with rustic crostini

Vegetarian – 3 cheeses, marinated artichoke hearts,

roasted peppers, cornichons, olives, dried figs,

marcona almonds with crostini

Small charcuterie plate – 2 meats, 2 cheeses, cornichons,

pickled peppers, olives with crostini

Large charcuterie board – 3 meats, 3 cheeses, cornichons,

pickled peppers, olives, marcona almonds with crostini

We also offer Pellagrino flavored sparkling

Blood orange, grapefriut, clementine, prickly pear

Bottled water