Congratulations Washington! Washington has surpassed 1,000 licenses wineries and we are still growing. According to to state statistics there were only 20 wineries in Washington during the eighties. That number was still under 100 in 2000.

Why all this growth in the wine business? Hey, Washington is the perfect place to grow wines! In Washington we have great soil (terroir), plenty of hot sunny days that turn into cool nights and the result is great grape growing regions.

Honesty this is a whole new world to me. I don’t claim to be an expert, a sommelier or even a wine snob. However, I am enthusiastic and know that I like to drink. I have met so many kind people in the industry and the wine being produced is fantastic. One can’t help but to enjoy the fruit forward taste and the subtalties of these wines.  Plus you just can’t beat the enthusiasm that Washington wine makers are offering their  product to the consuming public.